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Website – an Internet resource located on the Internet at, created for boosting social and promotng posts ( likes, views, and followers )

The user is an individual who has reached the age of majority, who is able to acquire civil rights for himself and independently exercise them, as well as the ability to create civil obligations for himself, independently perform them and bear responsibility in case of their non-fulfillment, who has accepted the terms of this User Agreement and uses the services of the site.

Administration– who is the sole owner of the site on the basis of private property rights and provides organizational, financial, and technical support for the existence and functioning of the site.

The parties are the Administration, Users and Visitors of the site.

Website – an Internet resource located on the Internet at, created for boosting social and promotng posts ( likes, views, and followers )

Public offer – an offer addressed by the Administration to an indefinite circle of persons or to several specific persons, which definitely, specifically and expresses the intention of the person who made the offer to consider himself to have concluded this User Agreement with the addressee who will accept the offer.

Acceptance – full acceptance by one of the Parties of the terms of the public offer of the Administration for the conclusion of this User Agreement. Acceptance of the Public Offer takes place at the time of the beginning of the use of the Site (including for informational purposes) and its services (services).

1. General provisions


1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") defines the general rules for visiting, using the services and the norms of general behavior on the Site by Users and regulates the civil – legal relations that develop between Users, as well as Users and the Administration in the course of their interaction.

1.2. This Agreement may be changed by the decision of the Administration, unilaterally. The Administration is not obliged to personally notify Users of such changes. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of publication on the Website.

1.3. The terms of the Agreement apply to all visitors to the Site, without exception.

1.4. The Parties have agreed that the person who accepted the Public Offer is considered to have read the provisions of this Agreement with a clear memory and full understanding of the legal consequences of entering into such agreements. The essence and scope of the obligations established for each of the parties to this Agreement are fully understood by them.

1.5. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the User confirms his consent to the processing by the Administration of his personal data provided during registration, including, but not limited to, for sending messages to the specified e-mail.

1.6. In case of disagreement with the provisions of this Agreement (in part or in whole), the person who expressed such a will has no right to use the information field of the Site.

2. Regulation of interaction between the parties

2.1. The Administration provides Users with an information field of activity which includes, but is not limited to, information about: the name, type, procedure for providing services, the start time, duration of placement, their cost, the procedure for registration, payment and terms of performance of services, as well as other conditions related to the Site's activities.

2.2. The Site Administration provides registered Users with a set of functional capabilities aimed at the implementation by Users of their tasks to attract the attention of the audience to the promoted pages in social networks. The administration provides services on the basis of business activity, in accordance with the selected types of economic activity, on a paid basis.

2.3. In order to receive the services specified in clause 2.2. of the Agreement, the User independently places the registration data for receiving the services through the Site. To register on the Site, the User specifies their contact details, namely-e-mail, username and password.

2.4. The Administration may, but does not undertake to provide a brief advisory consultation service on the questions asked. Such consultation is provided free of charge.

2.5. To receive the service specified in clause 2.4. of the Agreement, the User independently places their question in the "support chat" section. At the same time, you need to briefly formulate your question, as well as specify the order ID for which the problem occurred.

2.6. The Administration has the right not to respond to the User's posted request and not to provide a response, if this request is not clearly formulated, contains brutal, offensive words and phrases addressed to the Administration, third parties, as well as for other reasons, guided by internal beliefs.

2.7. The implementation of the services and / or features provided by the Site does not grant the User any exclusive rights and privileges.

2.8. The Parties to this Agreement have agreed that the Administration has the right to place advertising blocks, banners, and ads on the Site in any of its areas, including where the information published by the User is placed, without the User's additional consent.

2.9. The information posted on the site by the Administration is the result of the intellectual activity of the Administration and all property and personal non-property rights to such information belong to the Administration, until otherwise established. At the same time, the User does not have any exclusive rights to the result of the intellectual activity of the Administration, expressed in graphic, text, audio-video form, posted by the Administration on the Site.

2.10. The Administration is not obliged to protect the violated rights of the User, in the context of the settlement of disputes arising on this basis, including in court.

2.11. Violation by the User of copyrights belonging to the Administration and (or) other persons, entails for the violator the responsibility provided for by the provisions of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

2.12. In case of detection of copyright infringement by the User, by illegal placement of materials that do not belong to the User, the Administration has the right, but does not undertake to withdraw such materials from free access, at the first request of the legal copyright holder.

2.13. The User is prohibited from posting on the Site information that directly or indirectly contains generally accepted signs of pornography, offends, infringes, damages someone's dignity, contains calls for violence, outrage and other actions that entail violations of the current legislation, a certain territorial jurisdiction, contains malicious software and (or) other information that may harm third parties.

2.14. In case of violation of the terms of clause 2.13. of this Agreement and non-compliance with the requirements of the Administration, including the withdrawal of such information from public access, the site Users are liable under the provisions of this Agreement and (or) the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In this case, the Administration has the right to remove the information mentioned in clause 2.13. independently.

2.15. The Administration is not responsible for the results of the User's visit to third-party (external) resources, links to which may be posted on the Site. Results are understood as any result, regardless of its nature, as well as the one from the occurrence of which the User has suffered any material losses, moral damage and other negative manifestations.

2.16. The services offered by the Administration to Users are distributed remotely within the framework of the requirements established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and comply with the requirements defined by the legislation in the field of consumer protection.

2.17. The Administration reserves the right to refuse to serve certain persons, without providing an additional explanation.


3. The procedure for using the services by the User

3.1. The User has the right to freely use the services and offers set out on the Site in full, except in cases where such use is illegal, violates the rights, freedoms and interests of the Administration and (or) other Users of the Site.

3.2. To use the full functionality of the Site, the User goes through the registration procedure in the "Registration" section. In this section, fill out the registration form, which contains the fields that you need to fill in: e-mail, username and password. After filling in the form, to submit the data for registration, you need to click the "Register"button.

3.3. The Parties have agreed that to the specified e-mail address of the User, the Administration sends a short information message with the details of the information necessary to receive the services specified on the Site, as well as any other information related to the functioning of the Site. The User, starting to use the Site, accepts this condition in full and guarantees that he will not have any claims regarding the above.

3.4. After authorization on the Site, using the data specified in clause 3.2. of this Agreement, the User has the right to use the full functionality of the Site, without restrictions.

3.5. The Administration is not responsible for the consequences if the User places the registration data on third-party resources. This clause is also valid in cases where third-party resources copy or duplicate information posted on the Site, including the brand name, logo, design, and style of presentation of information on the Site.

3.6. The Parties have agreed that the services provided through the Site are provided in the amount and on the terms agreed by the Parties after registration on the Site.

3.7. The User does not have the right to refuse the services of proper quality provided in accordance with the terms of the order on the Site, which have individually defined properties, if these services can be used exclusively by the User who purchases them.

4. Obligations and responsibilities of the parties


4.1. In the case of using the results of the intellectual property of the Administration - the materials of the Site, for any purpose, the User must first, before posting such materials, obtain the permission of the Administration. With the permission of the Administration, the User must display the full name and domain name of the source in the following format: Cheating on social networks The hyperlink must be active and direct, when clicked, the user will be redirected to a specific page of the Site from which the material is borrowed.

4.2. By analogy with the instructions set out in clause 4.1. of this Agreement, the User undertakes to act in the case of using the results of intellectual property that belong to third parties. The method and procedure for implementation is specified in the process of negotiations with the copyright holder of the materials.

4.3. The Administration is not responsible for the content of information posted by other Users.

4.4. The Administration is not responsible for the content of the Site User reviews. User reviews of the Site are subjective opinions of their authors, in no way claiming to be objective. They may not coincide with public opinion and do not correspond to reality.

4.5. The decision to issue/not issue personal data is made by the Administration only on the basis of a request sent by a person of the Administration, in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation.

4.6. The Administration has the right not to respond to requests, requests and letters that do not contain the details of the applicant (full name, contact details).

4.7. The Administration is not responsible for the registration data that was specified by the User when interacting with the information field of the Site.

4.8. The Administration has the right, without explaining the reasons, to restrict, block the User's access (including unregistered) to the Site, with partial or complete deletion of the information that was posted by the User on the Site.

5. Dispute settlement procedure

5.1. In the event that the information posted on the Site contains the results of intellectual property belonging to third parties, the copyright holder is obliged to:

5.1.1. Make a claim with an indication of the actual and regulatory grounds that allow the Administration to withdraw information from public access.

5.1.2. Attach to the claim evidence of the originality of the result of intellectual property (the original copy, other documents confirming the ownership of the object of copyright).

5.1.3. Send the package of documents referred to in the provisions of clauses 5.1.1., 5.1.2. of this Agreement to the administration's e-mail address:

5.2. User complaints about the quality of service, services, as well as other comments, should be sent to the administration's email address:

6. Other terms and conditions

6.1. All possible situations, disputes arising from the relationship between Users, Users and third parties, Users and the Administration, which are not regulated by this Agreement, are resolved in accordance with the rules of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.2. The Parties to this Agreement are aware of the scope of the rights and obligations arising from the relationship of the persons referred to in this Agreement, and are fully aware of their actions, understanding the legal nature of the consequences of such actions, in full.

6.3. Inaction on the part of the Administration in case of violation by any of the Users of the provisions of the Agreement, does not deprive the Administration of the right to take appropriate actions later in order to protect its interests and protect the rights protected by law.

6.4. For all questions, except those specified in Section 5 of the User Agreement, Users can contact the Administration by sending appropriate requests.

6.5. Contact details of the administration for all questions

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